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    Unassigned and Unresolved Tickets

    sameralee Apprentice

      We discovered a loophole in our process regarding tickets that were Resolved, then Unresolved by end user and Resolved again by someone in IT who was not assigned to the ticket and finally Unresolved for the 2nd time by the end user. The ticket ended up in a limbo because they became unassigned to any group or user. 

      By design, an unresolved ticket automatically should go to the last Current Assigned User.  But in this case scenario, my guess is since the ticket was resolved when it didn't have a Current Assigned User, it didn't know where to go. The part that didn't make sense was the ticket did have a Current Group, so why it ended up having both Unassigned Group and Unassigned User is a mystery to me. 


      Could anyone take a look and help me see if I am missing something?