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    IE favorites sync causing shortcuts to not launch


      I am running into a weird, random problem when syncing a user's home directory favorites to the local favorites.  At random times, favorites will become unusable and will not launch or show the URL associated to the favorite (but they are visible to the user).  When connecting to the users machine through the Admin$ share, I can see their favorites and launch them without any problems.  I can also restore the shortcut from a previous days backup and it works.  What is AppSense writing to the shortcut when it copies that would prevent it from launching for a user?


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          joeh SupportEmployee

          The agent should not be changing the content of the files however maybe there is some corruption during the copy process. It's not clear from your screenshot which trigger you are copying the folder - if you move to to a different trigger  (e.g. Desktop Created) does this prevent the issue?


          I would also recommend trying a custom Windows Settings Group in Personalization to capture the Favourites, this may be more reliable. You would need to add {CSIDL_FAVORITES} as a folder include.