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    Publish URL link to desktop

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      Is there any reason why "category" needs to be specified when creating a package for a desktop link? We don't have a need or want to use categories and can't see why it should be a pre-requisite. If you try and save the URL package it does not let you save because of it.




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          It is pretty poor when this is the only forum we have for support and there is nobody available to answer?

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            A negative attitude is not often conducive to people responding to your thread. Folks here - like everywhere - may travel, may be busy otherwise, etc.


            Nothing wrong with bumping a thread up as such (especially when there's a lot of document update churn happening and it's easy for things to drop off the front page) - please do keep it civil though.


            There are folks (as and when they can) who look for unanswered threads, but like everything - not everyone has time available at all times.


            Also - it would be of great help for yourself if you could adopt a habit of posting what version(s) you're talking about. EPM can vary QUITE a bit between versions depending on specifics, so it's always useful to know what this is about.


            For this particular case, I'm assuming you're talking about EPM 2017.3 or thereabouts?




            For context - The "Category" section for URL links (/packages in general) is for the Policy Portal -- (or if you're on 2016.x - for the self-service portal in Workspaces) only.


            Generally speaking *ALL* of the METADATA section for a package (be it a link, or an actual executable) -- that's all just "fluff" for the SWD-portal / Workspaces self-service catalog. It's all optional stuff that's not required to get the package down to the client. The purpose of categories is for sorting -- some links may be for tools, some may be for useful stuff, others are "corporate pages" ... whatever you want them to be.


            And since it's something for the policy portal, it needs a "home" (a category) to live in (since - by its nature - a link isn't something that is going to be installed on the sly / quietly, unlike an actual package).


            I see what you mean in terms of the "required" stuff for links. I can't see any obvious reason why it should be required (though I would suspect it's going to be related more to MAC-portal / look & feel rather than Windows). If it's something that's genuinely causing you grief, I'd suggest logging it with support / or as an enhancement here (https://community.ivanti.com/community/enhancementrequests ).


            Since it's SPECIFICALLY required (at least as of 2017.3 - not looked at 2018.1 yet), I assume there's a "good reason" for it ("good" may be down to "it's needed for MAC stuff / talking to 'old' agents as a backwards compatibility safeguard" rather than necessarily something that applies to you / you'll like).


            Hope this helps.