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    Printer Mapping (Policy) and printer personalization

    VinceMcMoor Rookie

      Hi  @all


      we are using a em (Policy) personalization  to map all our printers to the users:





      We are using personalization to save the local user parameters.


      Now the issue:

      New User - No personalization - Printer are mapped / default printer will be sset

      Old user - personalization - New Printer are not mapped / default printer will NOT be set

      Old user - personalization deleted - printer mapping / default printer will be set


      Any ideas how to merge both?

      We want to Keep the personalization and we like to add printers if necessary.

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          Landon Winburn ITSMMVPGroup

          You didn't mention what type of environment this is but I'm 95% sure this is non-persistent VDI from the issue you described. So its important to think about how all this works to understand whats going on. Couple things:


          1. Personalization applies before policy
          2. The policy action to map printers is an API call that is the equivalent of double clicking the print queue on the server. It downloads and installs the driver then maps the printer.
          3. The policy action is either failing or succeeding without taking action the second time as the printer already "exists" in the profile.
          4. Personalization is just grabbing the registry keys needed to maintain the printer connections.


          With that out of the way the first logon or first logon after wiping personalization, the registry keys don't exist. Policy reaches out and installs the printers from the network print server using APIs. On next logon the registry items exist and there is no work to be done via the API calls. This also means this refreshed desktop doesn't have the required print drivers and now you have an issue.


          The fix is one of two solutions. You can "bake" all the print drivers into your image by installing each printer one time and then remove the printer connections leaving the drivers or you can change the way to capture the printers. Attached are two custom actions you can call at logon/reconnect and logoff. They will save the printers at logoff to a text file you can pick up with personalization. At logon it reads the same file and uses the APIs to install the printers from the network print server. If you use this method you will not want to capture the registry settings via personalization. If printer "settings" such as tray settings are needed you would have to use registry hiving to hive in AFTER the script applies the printers.