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    CI Checkout Process

    blwallace Specialist

      Running 2017.3.  In my old Ivanti ServiceDesk 2017.1 (not Heat), we had created a checkout process to allow us to track who had what out on loan.  Items such as Projectors, JetPacks, Printers, Temp Access Cards among other things.  We would assign these to a person and have a expected return date.  The customer and the help desk would get emailed a reminder if their item was past due.  I'm looking to create this same process (service) in ITSM.


      I've created a Service Catalog that lets the customer, or the helpdesk, get a temporary access card.  This creates a service request that is linked to the AccessCard CI.  The service request updates some fields on my AccessCard CI, including the ExpectedReturnDate field.  When my request offering workflow runs, it sets the Service Request status to Fullfilled.


      I'm beginning to wonder if my design is the correct way to design this service.  I would like to have one service catalog offering that lets the user pick which type of item (CI) they are requesting, then offer a list of CI's from the selected type.  I can't figure out how to do this...so, I created one request offering for my first item, namely AccessCard.  I'm stuck on how to create a dropdown list of item types, then use the type selected to provide the filter for the second dropdown list of items.  Another problem I'm stuck on is how I can monitor the ExpectedReturnDate and send out a notification when the item is past due?