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    prompt for hostname in provisioning

    Stefano_ Apprentice


      there is a way for show a prompt and insert the hostname until osd ?



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          jonl1 Rookie

          Use the Device Name Prompter action type when adding a provisioning action.

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            Stefano_ Apprentice

            i did, but it doesn't set the name that i wrote. Should i set some variables?

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              karlehenry Apprentice

              This is actually quite simple once you have all the pieces.  In our organization we use a public variable called ldHostname for the computer name.  We set the public variable to a database value ("Computer"."Device Name").  What that does is if there is already a database value, the Answer file (i will get to this in a few) will pull that into "ldHostname" and use that unless otherwise changed.


              Once you have that, you need to plug in %ldHostname% (remember: public variables are case sensitive).

              Sample snippet from answer file:  <ComputerName>%ldHostname%</ComputerName>


              Lastly, you can configure your Device Name prompter in the template as you want.  We use a letter-serial numbers of the machine to designate type of system.


              so C-SerialNum is the format you have.\

              Then you would open the Device Name Prompter settings:

              1. select and click edit under Name Template

              2. Add A Name Template

              3. Enter C- (for my example)

              4. Click variables

              5. Click add

              6. Name the Search Value: ldSerial and assign it a database value: "Computer"."System"."Serial Number"

              7. click OK -> OK

              8. In the drop down, select ldSerial, then click insert.


              you should see that Template now reads: C-%ldSerial%


              and then click save.


              just a word of caution on this:  There is no action required on the Device Name prompter as long as their is already a database entry for this system.  If there is not, then you must Click OK when the device name prompter pops up during the provisioning processes.


              I have been working on trying to find a way to automate that, but it  has been challenging.

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                karlehenry, did you try to use variables and the name prompter in offline provisioning?