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    Kaspersky/LD AV not installing on Windows 10 clients

    jdseymour01716 Apprentice

      All of a sudden, Kaspersky/LANDesk AV will not install correctly on Windows 10 clients (Build 1709) as part of the agent installation. The symptoms are that it installs leaving the Kaspersky entry in Add/Remove programs; after a reboot, the 'K' icon in the system tray is grey rather than red, and it states that it is not activated. This is on a 2016.3 SU6 core.


      Other symptoms:


      The icon for the tool-tip it shows the version as 'Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows' whereas on a Windows 7 PC it is shown as 'Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows (mr3)'

      After a first reboot, Vulscan tries to remove it and re-install and then re-brand, but fails several times (according to the logs)


      I have also tried:


      i. Setting the agent to download rather than install the AV files

      ii. Installing the agent without AntiVirus, then using a Install/Update Security Components to install AntiVirus afterwards


      This was working last week, and we have made no changes that I am aware of to our Core server. Please help!