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    How can I navigate to and populate Request Offering from existing Incident or SR

    mbath61 Apprentice

      Navigate to and populate request offering from existing Incident or SR

      Terminology: Three ticket pieces

      1. Incident, first created and worked by Service Desk Analyst
      2. Service Call, a kind of Service Request for on-site repairs
      3. Travel Reimbursement, a Request Offering used to capture travel and miscellaneous expenses associated with a Service Call

      I need to do two similar things so I have combined them into a single discussion

      1. Create the Service Call SR from the original Incident, probably a Command Button
        1. copy the customer contact info, summary and description into the Service Call
        2. attach the initial Incident as a child object to the Service Call
          (if B is intensely problematic, might be able to use the Service Call as child of the incident)
      2. Create the Travel Reimbursement SR from the Service Call, would like to use the Request Offering interface,
        1. launch a new Request Offering to capture the expenses. I would like to use this interface as there are four tabs worth of potential information and it is difficult to navigate inside the parameters tab inside the SR. Working on a URL to get to the RO
        2. copy the customer contact information, and the Service Call number to allow for linking as child to the Service Call