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    Date/Time from SQL - How to display that value with no locale conversion?

    MarkLarvo Specialist



      We have a SCCM source that is storing the reboot time of a workstation. The value stored is the date/time value taken from the actual machine so it comes from a variety of timezones.


      Our integration passes that exact value into a field in our ISM sql database. I can see it.


      We want to present that date/time for the service desk in the format of the caller, not the service desk's local time zone.


      I am stumbling on how to display that actual value on a form that is not converted for the local computers timezone. I'ved tried a variety of expressions to write to a text field but I am not getting the results desired as this is a direct write to SQL.


      Any thoughts?



      I have captured that Mary rebooted her computer at on Monday at 9 AM in London.

      She calls in and I answer her call in San Francisco.

      When I look her up right now I see 2 AM. I know she wasn't in the office at 2 AM so that seems silly to even say to her over the phone. If I do say it she will be confused.


      How can I persistently display Monday at 9 AM? My Asia counterparts are a day ahead so even worse off.