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    Xtraction. Dashboard without any additional panels.




      Is there any possibility in Xtraction, to give the user a link only to the dashboard, without any additional panels?

      On default, if the user has no rights, then he has a navigation bar on the left and buttons for the dashboard at the top ("add to favorites", "refresh", "filter", etc).


      This necessity is caused by the fact, that we need to display only the data

      In this case, is not expected to transition from this screen to other dashboards and there is no need to filter the data.


      But there is a small nuance:


      Export in this case is not suitable, because data needs change over time and the dashboard is required for react on something.

      But as we can see in functionality that to set up automatic data refresh for dashboards only possible by using the left navigation bar.

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          ChrisMoto Apprentice

          If I understand correctly you want to display a dashboard and have it refresh automatically without showing the side panel, yes?


          This can be done like the following:



          That will show the dashboard with the side panel collapsed so the user doesn't see it, and automatically refresh the dashboard every 120 seconds (or a time of your choosing).

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