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    Deployment Error Message

    Dan_Mills Apprentice

      Hi all


      I've created a new module in HEAT and am looking to take the package and move it from Test to UAT.


      I am getting a number of errors which I'm unable to solve.


      Firstly, is there anyway of converting the "SEQ" number to a transaction set or ID so I can see where the actual error has occurred?


      For example:

      2. Error during metadata commit operation for seq = 13360: System.Exception: Deleting CSIStatus failed due to Data access error. Invalid object name 'CSIStatus'.


      The other error I'm getting:

      1. Error during metadata commit operation for seq = 13273: System.Exception: Ordinal '7' exceeds the maximum number. Parameter name: ordinal

      I'm confused by as I've not made any changes to Ordinal and I'm not sure where to find the above parameter.


      Any help or suggestions would be gratefully received.




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          katherinec Apprentice

          I experienced the 'Ordinal 7 exceeds the maximum number' issue when trying to push a package that deleted an object (which was a custom object). Pushing it through without validation allowed the package to apply ok with no apparent ill effects (i kept this deletion in an isolated package with no other changes).


          iVanti advised:


          "It seems to be a bug in our software. Developers are aware about it and they are going to fix it together with new release of Ivanti Service Manager (2017.3). Please use "Apply changes without validation" option as a workaround for packages which are deleting objects."

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            Dan_Mills Apprentice

            Thanks Katherine


            We're on 17.3 but I've pushed without validation so let's see what happens!