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    Question on Inventory Results

    rheckber Rookie

      We are in the middle of testing in-place upgrades to our public computer labs from W10 1607 to W10 1803 via WSUS and ran into an issue with inventory results.  We set up an upgrade overnight in one of the labs and when we looked at the results in Ivanti it showed that 5 out of 19 machines had upgraded.  I remoted into one of the machines that reported as still being on 1607 and saw that it had in fact upgraded to 1803.  I then looked at the query results and saw that the machines still reporting as 1607 had a Last Updated by Inventory Server timestamp of 4:30AM, which was around the last reboot I had set up.  I highlighted all the machines reporting as 1607 and did a Full Sync Scan on them.  They still reported as 1607, including the one I knew was 1803.  I then remoted back into the machine reporting as 1607 but had upgraded and ran the inventory scanner from that end (C:\Program Files(x86)\LANDesk\LDClient\LDISCN32.exe) and the machine still reported to the console as 1607.


      I finally rebooted all the machines reporting 1607 and after the reboot the Last Updated by Inventory Server timestamp changed to the current time and they all reported correctly that they were on 1803.


      Am I doing something wrong?  Am I expecting results I shouldn't?   Shouldn't a Full Sync Scan (or an LDISCAN32.exe) have updated the server as to the OS version installed on the machine?  My understanding from previous versions was that a Full Sync scan would update the server.

      Why did it take a reboot for them to report correctly?


      Thanks for any help/insight


      Rick Heckbert


      Ivanti 2018.1

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          bpengra SupportEmployee

          I do not believe that you are doing anything wrong here. I don't believe that the registry key showing the version info is updated until a second reboot. The first reboot is part of the upgrade and continues installing the upgrade at the login screen. At that point its not technically 1803.  Once a second reboot occurs the registry is able to update any remaining keys. On a machine that actually upgrade but is still reporting an older version, you can check the registry key used in the query and see if it has been updated.

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