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    Inbound E-Mail from different folder

    Robert.Gardner Apprentice

      Service Desk 2016.2


      We would like to configure a Mail Box in Service Desk so that it logs tickets for emails from a different folder rather than the Inbox.


      The exchange mailbox we are connecting to receives hundreds of emails each day and we don't want them all logged. To enable us to select which ones we'd like to log tickets for, we'd like to create a folder in this exchange mailbox that people can move emails from the Inbox into. These emails will be marked as Unread and will then be logged as tickets in LANDesk.


      Is it possible to configure Service Desk to log tickets from an E-Mail folder other than the Inbox?

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          masterpetz ITSMMVPGroup

          Hi Robert,


          I know of no way to change the folder. The mail engine is very static so it's always the Inbound folder, where mails are processed from. You can add another mailbox in your Exchange which is for servicedesk only and instead of moving mails from a folder to the inbox, you can move mails from one mailbox to another...