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    Has anyone successfully pxe booted a dell latitude 7290?


      We are using Management Suite 2016 service pack 6


      We can get the wim loaded in both uefi mode or in legacy mode.  However, i can't get wpeinit to run due to there being no network driver loaded.  i have run drvload to load several different network drivers when i found the correct one that loaded i'm adding the x32 driver to the x32 wim and the x64 driver to the x64 wim.  the driver does work in both when using drvload but it does not work when adding it to the wim.  The weird thing is if i run drvload to the installeddrivers folder i can get network to work.  I've added the drivers using dism manually.  The driver i'm using is for the correct version of winpe.  However, i have tried previous versions of the driver which do work when using drvload.  Does anyone know what driver to use?