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    Task not properly seeing registry value

    jonl1 Rookie

      The registry value resides in WOW6432Node on a Win10 box. My script checks for a property of a key there for a the value to hit 0, when it hits zero a file is made. I have a wait for file task that looks for that other file to continue the provisioning task. This script runs fine when outside of Ivanti but slotting into my task sequence as a Windows Action causes Ivanti to totally skip my value check, create the file and keep moving. Is there something Im missing here?

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          How are you calling / running your script?


          Common enough things tend to include:

          • Forgetting about 64-bit versus 32-bit mode (if calling from a batch file).
          • Permissions. Run a REGMON or PROCMON trace to see what registry keys you're hitting up & if you're falling foul of some borked permissions (as we run as LOCAL SYSTEM by default, this SHOULDN'T be likely, but I've seen some pretty messed up rights in my time).