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    Leaving Agents and Configs until last whilst in place upgrade 8.6 to 10.2

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      I'm planning on upgrading our EM+personalization, PM, AM environment from 8 to 10.2. I've read the docs online and it suggests this order:


      Upgrade Server+DB

      Stop IIS on all management servers

      Load Balancing needs to be disabled. Disable VIPs.

      Install Appsense DesktopNow onto 1st Appsense management server

      Once complete, click "Configure" next to Management Server

      SCU launches and upgrade DB

      Start IIS on this server. SCU should open. Repair all variances


      Upgrade all additional Management Servers using above steps.


      ----  Deploy latest CCA by updating VDA image. This will require a reboot of VDAs! Can we do this after enabling VIPs?


      Reenable VIPs


      Upgrade Personalization Server

      Stop IIS on server.

      Disable VIPs on load balance

      Launch Desktop Now installer clicking upgrade

      Once complete, click "Configure" next to Personalization Server

      Personalization Server and Browser Interface

      Follow wizard to upgrade

      Launch SCU on exit and repair any variances.

      Restart IIS and check

      http://servername/PersonalizationServer/status.aspx or


      Check personalization analysis is ok

      Check Personalization console\manage\Advanced Settings dialog and "NumberOfArchivesToKeep"= 1, "LegacyDeleteDelayDays" = 30 + "ProfileCleanupDelayDays" = 0 (Preprod)


      Upgrade Agents and configs

      AppSense Personalization Server is backward compatible in that older AppSense

      Environment Manager agents are capable of utilizing a newer Personalization

      Server, however AppSense Environment Manager agents older than 2 feature

      releases behind the Personalization Server are not supported.

      At this point, the AppSense Environment Manager agent should be upgraded to

      the same version as the Personalization Server. In doing so, care must be taken to

      ensure the configuration is upgraded to match the agent version. Additionally,

      theses installations should occur in the following order: 1.) Agent then 2.) Upgraded configuration.


      ----- Upgrade remaining Personalization Servers. Can these steps be moved to before agents and configs as all will require a reboot?


      ----- Reenable VIPs




      As our agents will require a reboot (approx 1000, which will be done over 1 week), I'm hoping to upgrade all server components first, not just the 1st server as suggested in docs BP02 - DesktopNow Advanced Upgrade Guide

      Anyone able to tell me if this will be ok? This is the order I have done previously in minor revision upgrades with no issues, but seeing as I'm going from 8-10 and am now also using personalization, I thought I'd check for advise first.


      Thanks in advance