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    How to build package for Primavera p6 Pro so it will set up database

    dferguson Rookie

      I have built a .msi distribution package for Primavera P6 Pro that installs as intended, but it asks for the information to set up the database.  I was wondering if anyone knew how I could fix my distribution package so that I do not have to touch it during install?  I have done research and cant find anything.  I am a newbie so probably missing the right verbiage for the search.  Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated!!

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          The verbiage is usually "silent install" / "automated install" and/or "answer file".


          What you CAN do is poke the relevant vendor's support group -- I would expect that they have some documentation already on "how to automate this install" (unless they're a really new / tiny shop, it's something that comes up pretty quickly as a feature). They can usually point you at the relevant KB article or info.


          This "packaging automation" malarky is usually specific / different for each piece of software (depending on how complicated it is - some "common rules" can usually work, but expect things to require application specific info / steps, etc.).


          Word of caution - I learned (painfully) that there's good reason why there's packaging professionals ... and how many pitfalls there are to be found with a "oh, how difficult could it be to buidl a package..." type mindset of naivety .

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