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    Update ServiceReq Targetdate when Task Targetdate changes

    rhaa Apprentice


      Months ago I added a triggerated Action to Task#Assigment to Change a Text Field on Service Request (Parent Object) and this works fine.

      Now I tried somethine very similar: I want to update Targetdate on Service Request when TargetDate on a specific Task changes.

      The ChildFold Expression I use looks exactly the same as for the Text Field update that works. But I get the following error:

      Fehler bei Auswertung von expression.DataValue.PromoteToCommonType: unexpected second argument type: System.DateTime


      Here is the Expression I use for Update Object Action as Value for Service Request TargetDate: $(ChildFold("ServiceReq#",  RecId,  "Task#Assignment",  "$(TargetDateTime)",  "+"))


      any ideas whats wrong? are date/time filelds not supportet for childfold Expression?


      In addition to the expression, here are some screenshots:



      Expression: $(ChildFold("ServiceReq#",   RecId,   "Task#Assignment",   "$(TargetDateTime)",   "+"))