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    Management Console Locks User Account


      We are running LANDesk 8.8 SP3...

      My active directory account is getting locked multiple times a day. The failed login attempts in AD showed me that all the attempts are coming from workstations that have the LANDesk Management Console installed and the LANDesk core server.


      I have checked everything in this article multiple times and I cannot find my id entered anywhere...

      http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-1116;jsessionid=38B0FD956B3A03B5998A436FBEA81E37 .

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          technobabble Apprentice

          Check you COM+ objectsa and make sure that the password is setup correctly. Also, if you have Web shares that point to UNC shares on another system, insure that the web shares are using the proper credentials.

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            I have checked the COM+ objects and do not have any web shares pointing to a UNC on another system...No Luck

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              technobabble Apprentice

              Seems then that it is more than likely one of the IIS application pools causing this to happen. Is IIS setup so that it has control of the service accounts password? If so, that would certainly cause a problem. Another thing you could do is look in the DC log of the DC that is nearest to the core server and see what caused the lockout.

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                IIS and its dependencies are all using the local system account. The DC logs tell me what system the login attempts are coming from but no indication what is using my credentials. There appears to be an attempt to login with my credentials whenever someone opens the Remote Management Console.

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                  zman Master

                  So that article is pretty comprehensive. If you checked the items and it is not there, than you have to use another tool - Wireshark. I would venture to guess that the account is only getting locked out when the Consoles on these machines are being used. So I would:


                  • Make sure the account is currently not locked.
                  • Fire up Wireshark and start a capture
                  • Fire up the console, and open all items that use passwords (Directory manager, etc...)
                  • Review trace for the username.


                  To make troubleshooting easier I suggest separate accounts - one for the scheduler service, one for preferred server, etc... I n this way you know what function is locking the account.


                  I still have issues occasionally where my preferred server account will get locked out by software distribution to clients. Random clients will lockout the account.