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    Adding Additional Image Type of Slideshow from ISM to display HTML or Binary Image Field from ISM based on search criteria, or from a URL, or set of URL's

    GarryStone Rookie

      We have Extraction displaying on a number of group area wallboards.  It would be more useful if we could upload Alerts and Time sensitive Images (eg calendars, alerts, etc) in a business object in ISM in a Binary Image field or HTML field.  Then based on a search criteria display these images in selected dashboards as a slideshow.  Kiosk rosters could be uploaded to ism with a display and end display date and a distrubution code to determine which wallboard would display.  Each extraction instance on the wallboard could have different search criteria for which alerts and information to display.


      Similarly there could be a Brady bunch type display of multiple Binary Image fields from ism which meet the search criteria, for example monitoring Cam images from the 9 teaching spaces which have had the most recent incident logged for the campus in which the wall board is located.