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    Replacing client files for Software Deployment Portal?


      We are starting to add programs for the Software Deployment Portal (v. 8.8 SP2) for our users.  Many of them already have the updated agent; we still have a few stragglers who aren't reporting in.  In order to allow the end users to install certain non-licensed software and ease the load on our help desk, we want them to use the portal.  To that end, I've customized the HTML and CSS files.  My question is this: what is the best method to push the three files (policy.portal.template.htm, policy.css, and our company logo) to our end users?  If I replace those files in \\server\\ldlogon\policyweb and push out the agent again, would their local files be updated?  Is my line of thinking correct?  If not, what would be a good way to update their files so they see the customized Software Deployment Portal?