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    Cannot image new machines

    Dubois-King Apprentice

      We have started ordering Dell Precision T7820's.  We downloaded the driver cab for it and put the drivers in the driver store, rebuilt the driver database, and did an auto-detect and assign drivers for the T7820's.  All good so far.  Then we went to image the first machine (Windows 10, 64 bit), and once it begins to load windows, it blue screens.  The problem is with amdkmpfd.sys (system thread exception not handled).  OK, so we go into assign driver, find where that driver is assigned (in this case, PCI Exrpess Root Complex), and remove that one driver.  Then we try imaging again, and windows still blue screens on that same driver.  I am at a loss as to how it is blue screening on a driver that isn't even being used at this point.  Am I missing something with removing the driver?  How do I get Endpoint Manager to stop loading this bad driver into the image?  Should I remove the driver entirely from the driver store?  I am just worried that may cause issue with other PC models.


      We are on ivanti Management Console version