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    Ivanti UEPM 2017.3 console odd behavior

    karlehenry Apprentice

      So, I am not sure when this started happening.  Quite possibly after our 2017.3 update which happened right before Interchange 2018.  I was experiencing this before, during and now and it is quite annoying.

      When ever I am in the console, whether on the core or not, If i click, right click an item, the inspect windows of that object pops up.  I do not know if this is a bug but this is weird and I will be happy to buy anyone lunch if they can figure it out.


      Here is what I believe it to be and I will explain why I came to the conclusion.


      I believe it is some kind of Ivanti DB account corruption with my specific account profile.


      1. I have tried several different computers/laptops

      2. I have tried different keyboards

      3. I have tried accessing the console on someone else's machine with my credentials and the problem remains.

      4. I have tried another user account and the problem does not exist.  i can log out the console launch it log in as someone else and everything is fine.  I can close the console, relaunch and log in as me on the same machine  and the problem comes back with my specific account.


      My questions are:


      1. Has anyone experienced this?

      2. Any ideas besides creating a new account?

      3. If I create a new account, what do you recommend about all the templates, groups, and user specific associations within the DB?


      Anyone's help is greatly appreciated but i wonder who accepts this challenge