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    New install stuck on splash screen at User Initialize

    jako Apprentice

      I have a very frustrating issue.

      I upgraded a 15.3 install to 2017.2 and then got the Issue where it gets stuck at the splash screen at Initialising User.


      I then uninstalled everything, removed all visible traces (App pools, Sites and folders) of the Xtraction install.


      Re-installed with a blank DB and the Datamodel that comes with the install.


      The issue persists. I cannot get the install to work again.


      No info is written to the logs, but running in bebug mode = true gives me the following.



        body = (null)

        clientId = "b7e8c0ff-c281-4df8-b2fc-2d366ee2be64"

        correlationId = "7B457FC7-32FB-8ABF-DD33-3C6F2DC15252"

        destination = "fluorine"

        extendedData = (Object)#1

        faultCode = "Server.Processing"

        faultDetail = (null)

        faultString = "Object reference not set to an instance of an object."

        headers = (Object)#2

          DSId = "126250c6996249bb86605bb981bf5cdf"

        messageId = "7bfb3655-57d7-4d7d-8fa1-0163aed15ef4"

        rootCause = (null)

        timestamp = 203985828

        timeToLive = 0