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    Error Logs - How to deal with

    Dan_Mills Apprentice

      Hi all


      Looking for some assistance in dealing with the error logs that come out of HEAT.


      It seems a bit sporadic on our part as we haven't had any since the 7th June, but on that day there were a couple of thousand...?


      Any ideas about why this has suddenly stopped? Also has anyone got an effective way of analysing them as it seems that if I just export them to excel I can only see the error code not the issue, and looking through individually seems a bit labourious?



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          vee Specialist

          Yeah, logs can be fun. Honestly I'm quite surprised you've not had any errors since June 7th, though I wouldn't complain about that!


          The way we handle our logs is for a while we just kept an eye on them, got an idea of what they're like and looked for things we actually worry about. We made a search to filter out the types of errors we care about and put it on a dashboard so we could see it as it happened. We also put a boolean field on the logs called "acknowledged" so we filter our dashboard on the criteria, but also where "acknowledged != true". So we added a quick action to the logs workspace so we can mark a log entry as "acknowledged" when we've seen it/done something with it. It's a pretty basic method, but this is how we currently keep an eye on things.

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            Dan_Mills Apprentice

            Thanks Vee


            We think there might be an issue as there should have been at least 1 in the last few weeks!


            Acknowledged is a good idea but if we're getting 6 a minute (which looks like what it was averaging beforehand) might not be practical.


            We need to investigate why it's not working first so we can see how many we're dealing with