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    Identify machines by TPM version

    JHammo Apprentice

      Is there a way in DSM to create a Dynamic group that includes all laptops that have a TPM chip?  We currently don't have the discovery tool setup at this point, is something like this possible?

      Jason Hammond

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          Nico Schmidtbauer Specialist

          Hi Jason,


          yes, this is possible by multiple ways.


          In the "classic" DSM, I would have made a Schema Extension and ran an eScript as Job that reads the Clients Information and write it back into the DSM Schema. With DSM2017 and DSM2018 (not sure about DSM2016), you can create dynamic Groups with "Installed Device" => TargetObjectID... and select the Device from your Device Library. If you have many different Computer models with different TPM Chips it might get annoying to add them all. Usually the devices are named "Trusted Platform Module ...". Just make sure to Change the condition from AND to OR if you want different TPM Chips in one Group.


          Kind regards


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            JHammo Apprentice

            thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for, thanks for your help.