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    Patching via the Management Gateway




      By setting a Patch (found within Security & Patch Manager) to autofix considered to be a  "policy-based delivery method"?  The agents perform a Security & Patch scan every 2-3 days.


      Reason for the question:

      "Because managed devices connecting through the LANDesk Management Gateway can only connect with the core server, both software distribution packages and patches must come through policy-based delivery methods from a Web share located on the core." page 24 of LANDesk® Management Gateway User’s Guide.




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          The answer is yes and no.


          Yes, autofix will work through the Gateway (assuming the patches are in their default location on the core).


          Policy based as a term only refers to software distribution delivery methods and really determines how sdclient.exe runs.  Security scan runs as vulscan.exe and doesn't have delivery methods.  The end result is that both of them are client initiated (pull) tasks, and that is really the key to the Gateway.


          End result: Autofix works just fine through the Gateway.