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    UWM - Configuring Server Instance Failed

    Samsam Rookie

      Hello everyone,


      We are actually installing UWM 10.2 on a test server.

      During the configuration of the server instance we have the following message :

      (i'll try to translate it in english)

      "The conexion to the remote server "testserver" has failed withe the following message : The WSMan client can not process the request. The proxy is not supported under HTTP transport. Change the transport over HTTPS and specify valid proxy information, then try again. For more information, see the about_Remote_Troubleshooting help topic"


      Does someone has any idea about that ?


      UWM 10.2

      The app is installed on 2012 64bit server

      The databases are all created (mgmt and personalization) thanks to the wizard "SQL standard 2016"