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    Service Request Progress TAB

    nick2 Apprentice

      When selfservice users go into My Items and select one of their SR's they are presented with the details and a Service Request Progress TAB. In this TAB they can add notes and see the progress bar and any attachments. Can we edit this to add buttons? I cannot find this form. What we are trying to do is provide a way to create a task for the service desk that the selfservice user would invoke if the SR was not fulfilled to their specification. My intent is to get them into the tool rather than rely on response email, which we have in place.Here is a screen shot of the TAB in My items

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          Terry Douglas Apprentice

          Hi nick2,


          The forms here are hard-coded, but there is the option of replacing the Service Request Progress tab with a custom one.


          There was a discussion on how best to do this here in the community, and depending on what version of Service Manager you started on will determine how much is already in your tenant. For newer versions there's a Layout called 'Service Request Progress' already built which mirrors the hard-coded one; you can customize and use that instead. If you started on an older build, you may need to build that Layout & Form yourself. (If you have access to a new OOTB environment it's pretty simple to examine and recreate).


          This comment has good instructions. If you're still stuck let me know and I'll see how I can help you out.


          Hope this helps!