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    Deactivate fulltext stopwords

    NVeron Apprentice



      I have a problem I think is linked to fulltext search and stop list.


      Some Organizational Unit can't be searched because of their content and do not appears in searches. The "Name" field in organizationalUnit is set to French language and when I search "martin" the Name "SAINT-MARTIN-D'HERES" do not appear.


      When I create a fake OU with "TEST-MARTIN-D'HERES" it also doesn't appears. I think the problem is linked to the fulltext search and the fact that "HERE" is a stop word in english.


      I tried to deactivate stoplist, without success, with the query




      I also tried to deactivate fulltext on that field but it seems to have no effect.


      Any idea to change that behavior ?

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          Jonathan.Schmidt SupportEmployee

          Hi NVeron,


          I'm not sure that this has anything to do with English stopwords as I'm not able to replicate with everything OOTB.


          I'm not sure how you have your field set to French.  Have you turned localization off and then set the Full Text Language to French?  A screenshot clarifying this field's setup from your adminUI might help.