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    Why does one image file fail, but another succeeds?

    bdwest Apprentice

      I created an OS Provisioning template to deploy Win10 1709 to UEFI systems.  I used a VM to create the master image.  First, with almost no applications, I captured a .wim file to make a thin image.  Then I rolled back to a snapshot before I sysprepped the VM, added MS Office, etc., and then captured a .wim file to make a thick image.  I configure the template to deploy the thin image, and it works just fine.  I copy the template and change it to apply the thick image instead of the thin image, leaving everything else alone.  This second template succeeds in partitioning the hard drive, downloading the thick image, and applying it to the local hard drive.  It appears to successfully use HII to download and apply drivers, and complete the configuration.  After it reboots, it tries to install the Landesk (2016.3) agent (same agent as works with the thin image), and fails.  So I modified the thick template and moved the Join Domain step above the Install Landesk Agent step.  And it failed on the Join Domain step!


      Is it possible that there's something not right with this thick image?  If so, what?  Where should I start looking to figure out why this template works fine with one .wim file, but not with the other?