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    ivanti automation workflow block information

    Donna Apprentice

      Is there any documentation on this yet?


      I noticed, while we are on 2018.1 there is no documentation on the use of ivanti automation workflow block yet.

      Admin help is still 2017.3. The release notes online mention it, with a paragraph description.


      Am I looking in the wrong place or is there simply no admin help for 2018?




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          rosscarins Employee

          Hi Donna,


          The ivanti Automation workflow block is for use with our Automation platform (part of the RES aquisition that Ivanti made last year), so you will need that platform to be able to use the Automation.


          In addition, there's a minor release coming out soon for SaaS customers (2018.1.1 i'm assuming) which will make the Automation block even easier to use, but still you'll also need Ivanti Automation.


          Admin help for 2018.1 is here-  Welcome however as you've noted there isn't any detail. I'll see if Product Mgt will be updating this soon.




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