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    User ISM as order portal

    maba Apprentice

      Hello, everybody,


      I am still relatively new to the ivanti world. We have received the request that we want to process our IT purchasing via the Service Manager. The service catalogue is intended to serve as a central contact point for our end users, where they can order IT hardware via various offerings.

      In fact, similar to an online shop. Furthermore, it should be possible for a cost center manager to evaluate which totals were output or which articles were ordered.


      Has anyone ever done anything like this or come up with an idea how to do it? Especially the point that we want to evaluate what and how much was ordered I find relatively difficult, since we have no order items or the like.


      It would be nice if someone would get in touch.


      Many thanks in advance


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          rosscarins Employee

          Hi Marcel,


          This should be possible, there is a Price List module in ISM that you would need to use as a starting point to add products/services and their cost. Some of the OOTB reports in data analytics might even suit the reporting for a Cost Center manager. There will be some configuration required either way and if you're fairly new to ISM it might be worth getting assistance.


          Do you know who you're Account manager is?