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    Why template cannot be loaded?


      Hello all, I use the Landesk provisioning to deploy OS, when the winpe booted, and loading template, it failed, it poped up a windows require authentication. But the provisioning was normal before, I just migrated the core server to a new server for windows 2003 license issue, installed sp6 for 8.7, the landesk core server use sp5 before. Who can explain the mechanism of provisioning loading template?

      After the migration, I copied the authentication file to keys folder, and core server can communicate with client, I deployed a provisioning task to distribute software, it succeed, but why not load template for OS deployment task?

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          Forgive me but it's not entirely clear from your description what happened...


          Can you give some more detail? Such as: you scheduled a provisioning task, you targeted a machine (how? exisiting machine? bare metal? based on mac address? or serial number?), you booted the machine, what happened at the F8 prompt (did you get the menu or did the machine spontaneously select WinPE provisioning?), WinPE booted, provisioning agent loaded. Did the provisioning agent try to load a template but failed (retry 1 of 40, 2 of 40... failed to load)? Or did the provisioning agent go straight to the login screen without trying to load a template? Can you login and manually run a template?

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            I scheduled a task for a test desktop, it was already in management console, I just drag it to a task,then booted with winpe provisioning,as you said,provisioning agent loaded and go straight to the login screen without trying to load a template, if I login manually, it can load the public template and run successfully. That's all

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              can a network trafic cause provisioning not load scheduled template? My company network environment unstable today, the most software distribution tasks failed

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                I had this same issue after upgrading to SP3 in 8.8. LANDesk support has a patch that resolved the issue. PRV-2644688.3 is the patch that reoslved our issue.