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    Dan_Mills Apprentice

      Hi all


      I'm getting the below error in my logs:


      The length of field Journal.Email.EmployeeRecID value is 34 characters, which exceeds the maximum allocated in field definition (32 characters). The value cannot be stored in database.


      This is a fairly regular occurance however the Field in Configuration is uneditable so I'm unable to extend the field length

      Any ideals how to do this?



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          cw30755 Apprentice

          If the field is showing up under Derived Fields then I think you will only be able to edit it from its base BO.  I checked and I don't have EmployeeRecID under my Journal.Email BO at all.


          Happy Hunting!


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            AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup

            It looks like a custom field, firstly you need to figure out which object it is from the extended objects parent or the extended object.  then look for rules which populate the field, RecId's are only 32 characters so should never be 34 in length.  Once you find out where it is and what is populating it then see if you need the field as a text field or can replace with a link field and relationship which is a preferred solution and validates.

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              Dan_Mills Apprentice

              Hi both


              I've found the RecID field - it's linked to CurrentUserRecID which i've unhidden and put on the employee form to view.


              I've found one of the individuals the error keeps appearing on, asked him to check his RecID and it's 32 characters. So I'm a bit confused?



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                AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup

                Is it a text copy of the RecId rather than a link?  Could there be any spaces copied over could you encapsulate the command in Trim() to remove and leading or trailing spaces.  Can you expose the RecId in the UI and see any spaces?


                You oculd turn on Rule tracing, Set the AppServer log to debug and the AppServer_RuleTrace to Debug create the error and then check the Ruletrace log and follow it through, you should see the in there where your field is being completed and the value that is trying to be inserted.  Remember to turn off the AppServer_RuleTrace and reset the AppServer back to error or you will have a massive set of logs.



                The only other option is to speak to support or have a look in the database if you have access and try to see what is going on.