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    Workflow Task Timeout Duration - Updating Task Status

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      Good Afternoon Gang,


      I am working on a new configuration within a request offering and would appreciate some assistance.  The workflow includes two tasks - both of which populate at the same time.  However,  one of the tasks has been requested to be set up with a timeout duration of 1 hour.  Once this task times out it uses the "timed out" fixed exit port where it waits at a join block for the manual completion of the second task (which has no time out).  Once the two tasks hit the join block an auto-fulfill invoke workflow is run and the service request should be marked fulfilled.  The workflow is running as intended, but the issue that I am encountering is that the Auto-fulfill is not working due to the fact that the timed out task is remaining in a "logged" status after it has timed out.  Do you all know of any tricks to configure this workflow so that when the time out occurs the status of the task can be automatically changed to something other than "logged?"  Your help is greatly appreciated! Note: the timeout duration is only configured on one of the two tasks shown below - so that exit port is not used on one of them.