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    Provisioning Template Fails To Load 40 of 40 Tries for Some Users, Works for Others

    JQuaglietta Apprentice

      Hello All,


      We are currently using EPM 2017.3.3.



      The issue we're having is that we have some users that are unable to Provision and the process fails after 40 of 40 tries while attempting to load the template during PXE/WinPE.



      If another user enters their credentials and selects the same template for the same device, it loads properly after 3-5 tries and Provisioning proceeds normally.



      The Provisioning.log on the core shows "Unable to find template for computer IDN " repeatedly for the device (the MAC Address in the log matches the MAC Address of the device).



      We have configured the accounts exactly the same; they are all in the same Security Group on the Core Server and have all the same Permissions, Roles and Scopes.



      We have deleted their profile and it is recreated after they login, however, that does not correct the issue.



      We've ensured that prior to each attempt, all previous tasks for the device have been deleted and there is no Device Record in the system matching the name or MAC Address.



      The only work around has been to create a Bare Metal Device in advance and then it will proceed and load the template.



      Therefore, it appears to be a permissions issue and the credentials for the users that are having the problem aren't able to create the device if they just PXE Boot first.



      Can anyone offer any guidance as to what exact permissions are needed?



      A comparison of the Effective Rights between the accounts that work and don't work look the same, so we're a bit stumped.



      Any info would be appreciated.