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    ClientSideEnableWOL.vbs agent install issue / Custom agent setup

    FixNstuff Rookie

      Hello folks,

           I am having an issue installing an agent because of antivirus control that prevents wscript running in temp directories (so it hangs on the ClientSideEnableWOL.vbs script and won't continue until you click OK). Is there a way to edit the agent installation to remove this and perhaps other items I don't want to deploy when using the self extracting agent? Is there another way to deploy the agent with a smaller file? I'm having issues finding this information.

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          ... might be easier / "more correct" to attack this problem by adding an exception to your AV solution & allow WSCFG32 to do what it needs to ?


          I'd advise against trying to hack the agent install in such a way (though it is possible) as it tends to cause problems more often than not further down the line.


          Usually much more sensible of "fixing" this by configuring your AV solution to allow our agent to install stuff (I'm expecting it WILL have some sort of concept of "trusted exe" or some thing like that as an exception).