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    SLA not running on request management

    sprooney Apprentice

      We have a few SLAs set up within our Service Desk, a few on Incident and one or two on Request - the SLAs on Incident are running without issue.


      Our SLAs are different and do completely different things however both run on the same calendar.  The request SLA is set up to send reminders to approvers that they have not yet approved a request, as per the image below.  For some reason this does not appear to be firing at all - any guidance?  It is the default response level on Request using the default calendar.


      As the incident SLA is working as normal I know background services are working as expected.  We are on version 2017.3.


      TIA for any assistance,


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          Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

          Do you have the “Escalation Points” collection/tab on your window; if so you are saying you cant see any items in this collection as confirmation of it not firing as you say?


          You have the ”Response Level” field on your window and it is populated with a value right?


          Normally we would set the Response Level field automatically on the window at runtime via a Template or the SLA matrix rules.



          MarXtar Ltd

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            sprooney Apprentice

            Hi Julian, thanks for your answer it gave me enough of a sniff to dig a bit deeper and add those values back onto one of my windows so I could when / if they were firing.  Essentially they were never firing at all so I have added a new response level to kick them off and everything seems to be working as required.