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    Some users stuck on login "Applying User Policies"

    Tiemon.de.Vries Rookie


      First let me introduce short our environment:


      -Citrix Xendesktop 7.6 / PVS 7.1

      -DesktopNow 10.1

      -Imprivata 5.4

      -Windows 7 SP1 Enterprise VDI

      -Bitdefender Best Tools

      -Hyper-V Hypervisor


      We have some varying users who login and they are stuck on "Applying User Policies".  However after a while the desktop is available in the background, because one of the few moments when I can reproduce this issue it is possible to start cmd using Windows+R or other applications. I can see these applications in Desktop Director but not on the VDI.


      - Every particular user could have this issue, it is difficult to reproduce this issue!

      - Users with this issue cannot be related to a specific AD group membership.

      - With EMTools logging we noticed some timing gaps between EM actions for 2 minutes or so, but we don't know why.

      - Exclusions in Bitdefender are in place.

      - CitrixCTXHooks are in place

      - Application EventLog VDI: 6003, 1300, 6005 when this issue occurs on the VDI


      Every day about 1800 sessions (active&disconnected) and a average of 20 users experience this issue.


      Maybe someone has seen this behavior before and can give us some direction to the root cause of this issue.