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    Need support - Provisionning Ivanti


      Hello to the community


      Recently we have deployed Ivanti 2017.3 in our company (replacement of old Landesk 9.0).

      We make provisionning on it of our Surface Pro Windows 10 since 2 months without problem


      Today, impossible to do it, i have a white screnn instead of the screen Ivanti asking my domain account to select the template.


      Boot PXE and loading WIM OK:



      All seems OK after :

      suite wim.jpg


      Then, white screen and nothing else (at this step, it should open an ivanti page with step count and a popup asking my domain account to select the template to install) :

      white screen.jpg


      Our server has been rebooted this noon, but still the same.

      Can someone help me ?

      I'm novice with Ivanti, no knowledge of it.


      Thanks for help.