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    Import with barcode scanner before agent is installed

    wynnb Specialist

      I know it is possible to add computers to the managed devices list via barcode web form, but then after they are imaged and the agent is installed can the system recognize the existing record and update it? I tried this, but the agent created a new record, rather than updating the existing one. I had hoped that if it found a record with the same device name, serial number, MAC address, etc., it would just update it.


      Did I miss a step, or is this not possible?

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          It *DOES* update the existing record, *IF* it can match it.


          You get the same issue (matching devices) with bare-metal scans which - for all intents and purposes - are the exact same concept. That being - "very limited data scan file".


          The matching happens via the MAC-address primarily ... and/or failing that via a serial number.


          Now - Serial numbers may "vary" ... you may have noticed that we've got serial #-s in multiple places for instances - depending on the (in-)competence of whoever did the BIOS for instance, those serial numbers are all consistent (yay), or in especially fun situations, you end up with 3 different (and/or differently FORMATTED) serial numbers in different places.


          So the good news is that - by and large - this is very simple to observe. You can just turn on "Store scans" and then re-play scan-files after deleting a record to review what's happening.


          It's possible (for instance) that your MAC-address comes in as "AA-BB-CC-DD-EE" format ... but we strip MAC-addresses of any ":"-s or "-"-s and would just have "AABBCCDDEE" for instance. So - have a careful look at what attribute you're expecting to "marry" a record off of. Chances are more than likely that there's a mismatch (compared to the full scan file) that's causing the Inventory Service to go "Nope - that's someone else".

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