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    Getting fields from Employee to FRS_CompositeContract_Contact

    dsyee Rookie

      I use the FRS_CompositeContract_Contact in my Request Offerings to allow customers to pick an employee name from a drop-down list. Right now the Display Name of FRS_CompositeContract_Contact shows up. However, I would really like to be able to constrain this list by Employment Status or Account Status so that terminated employees and service accounts don't show up on this list. I can't just use the Employee BO to generate the list for the drop down as it doesn't seem to work correctly for what I use these lists for. (Namely that I have a customer filling a form select an employee whom they want to be the target of the request, and that field is used to fill other fields in Service Request and link the target employee to the request for reporting and audit purposes.)


      What would be the best way to get the IsDisabled field from Identity Contact and/or Status from Employee into FRS_CompositeContract_Contact?


      Edited: Made a stupid mistake and realized I can, in fact, use the Employee BO instead of Contact, and constrain the pick list that way.