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    Reporting from Parameters on a Service Request?

    dsyee Rookie

      Is there any way to generate reports based on the selections in the Parameters of a Service Request?


      For example, I have a request offering with 3 options, A, B & C. I want to generate a report to see how many people requested option A in the past month.

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          rhaa Apprentice

          sure, it's all about the SQL Statement.

          Here is what you need:



          select count(*) as Amount, srp.ParameterDisplayValue from ServiceReqParam srp

          left join servicereq sr  on srp.ParentLink_RecID = sr.RecId

          left join ServiceReqTemplate srt on sr.SvcReqTmplLink_RecID = srt.RecId

          where srt.name = 'installhardwareap' -- name of your request offering

          and srp.ParameterName = 'combo_3' -- name of parameter of your "option"

          group by srp.ParameterDisplayValue




          Here is the Result I get:


          In my example this Shows how often a 12" or 15" Notebook ist ordered in offering "installhardwareap".


          edit: just add some date filters in where clause to get the amount only for a specific time (for example last month as you wrote)