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    Success Delete Printer but still in Query


      Hi All,


      I create Query Printer Network and batch file for delete network printer using Ivanti All status Done and result "The action completed success".


      batch file

      @echo off

      rundll32.exe printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /dn /q /n"\\name_printer"

      net stop spooler

      net start spooler


      after running that package, I run security scan and inventory scan on Ivanti Management Console. Unfortunetly, device hostname still in my query when status "Done".

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            phoffmann SupportEmployee

            Have you (re-)run an inventory scan after you deleted the printer? Remember that inventory data is a "snapshot in time", and needs to be updated.


            Also - "just because a batch claims it succeeded" doesn't make it so. Check out this document - About Batch File Distribution Packages - that covers a bunch of things around batches. So it's possible your batch ran (/completed) but actually failed doing something as part of your script.


            You will want to check out the client-side log (though it'll mainly log the commands it has run) ... if you didn't include exit codes or such in there, not much can be had, I would recommend moving away from batch & using powershell instead (which has better logic, better error capture & generally makes more sense).