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    Xtraction scheduled dashboard screenshot

    TxtEva Apprentice


      I'm running Xtraction  2017.2.0628.01

      I've got a Dashboard setup for a team and looks good on screen however when I've set it up to be a scheduled report it separates each box on to a different page and it is not as useful to view (first 4 pages have one number on them).

      Is there anyway to set a scheduled email of the Dashboard screenshot or a way of adjusting the report to look smarter?


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          Kayla.Culpepper SupportEmployee



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          Sorry that it seems no one has the answer to be able to assist you on this yet.  Did you manage to get any further information on this? Please share anything you deem useful and the community may be able to offer some help.

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            GreggSmith SupportEmployee

            You can use the Dashboard Template feature.


            You create a template file (actually a Word document) from the Template menu in the Dashboard designer, edit it in Word as necessary, upload it back into the dashboard from the Template menu, and finally do a File|Save to make sure it is saved to the dashboard's definition.


            Then, when you manually export the dashboard, or schedule it, you check the "Use Template" option and it will export the dashboard using that template.  Keep in mind that you won't want to do this with dashboards that have scrolling components (record lists or grid views where the data can scroll.  The Stages of Incidents section of your screenshot appears to be the only issue, in that regards.

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              TxtEva Apprentice

              Took a fair bit of playing to get the template to be viewable but I've got there in the end and it's all on one page.


              Thanks for the point in the right direction Gregg!