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    Sort by hidden column

    DTurner Expert

      Hi -


      One of our departments previously wanted a target date field in a specific format so I added a new text field to copy there in the specified format. They would now like to sort by that field but I obviously cant sort correctly in the text format so need to use the date field but do not want to show this on the list.


      Does anyone know if there is a way to sort by a hidden column on a list?




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          cchatz Apprentice

          Hi DTurner, maybe this Workaround helps...


          Screenshots are from an OOB Test Tenant with Demo Data, for this example i use Incident Grid View, but in other BO's it should be the same.


          In Grid /List View, on the upper right corner click on search


          In my example i use resolved date, this is a field which is missing in Grid view. if you run search it will be automatically added (temporary) to this view and it will be also sortable.


          as a next step, you could save this search and publish it for the role that needs it, so its easier to use.


          an other way would be using visible expressions on that column in list view, another alternative could be creating different layouts and views and publish the layouts to roles.

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            lgtandi Specialist

            If you set the "Initially Hidden" property of the column definition in the list used to "Yes", the column is not displayed by default but it can still be selected as "Sort Column" in the "List Properties" window. Thus, the list is sorted by the hidden column in the specified sort order the first time you open the layout/workspace. However, if you have selected another column temporarily for sorting, you have to select the hidden column for display if you want to return to the "default" sort.

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              DTurner Expert

              Thanks cchatz & lgtandi!


              lgtandi - I was initially messing about with the combinations for 'Initially Hidden' and 'Hidden Expression' but, much to my annoyance, it still wasn't sorting...

              I think the problem was that I needed to add it to the saved search as cchatz suggested. Not really sure if it was this specifically or because the saved search had a sort field and that was taking precedence over the list.


              Regardless, thanks again