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    Profile Mig File Rules: - using variables




      Was wondering if anyone can tell me if LANDesk is able to use enviromental variables in a file rule to retireve particular folders from a source machine?



      I have created a collection used to capture profile information of a source PC.

      I am trying to include file rules with this collection to capture specific folders from the source PC, and because the folders I wish to capture are user profile based I want to use varibles like:

      %USERPROFILE%\Application Data\ etc..

      instead of typing: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\ which doesnt really make sense as the script would not be generic because each time I wanted to capture a users profile I would have to modify the username in the UNC path!


      When I use the % variable I get errors. (shown in ldesk error.jpg)


      If I use c:\USERPROFILE\Application Data\ then I can atleast push the captured profile to a target machine but I get failed 'due to an unspecfied error'.


      So the question is:

      Does LANDesk use its own varibles to reference paths?


      Thanks for your time



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          Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

          What files do you actually want?  What extensions do they have.


          See if your application has files of a certain extension in there, such as maybe since it is Mixie_Address_Book it may have something like .mab.


          You then just search the C:\ drive for that extension, don't check the Remap destination directory parameter and everything should get put back right where it was on before the migration.

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            Sorry for the late response! you know how it goes, you start a project and then everything else jumps in the way!


            Thanks for your solution rhyous! worked a treat!


            im also looking to pull registry keys from a profile as well but have found no way to achieve this?


            Any Ideas are much appreciated.