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    Logging of email automatically?

    colinheinen Apprentice

      Is it possible to configure the inbound email service in LAndesk to automatically raise and save an incident when a user emails to a particular address?


      I am looking for a way of manging our service desk's emails better, at the moment we have several technicians watching the inbox and we then raise the emails as they come in, which can result in delays in incident's being logged or certain emails being ignored!


      Also are there any add-ons available or already installed within LanDESK service desk 7.2.6 for Chat. So that all users of the software can communicate with each other?


      Thanks in advance,

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          Yes, it can be done, but it will require a process for each e-mail address. We have just discovered this ourselves.

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            colinheinen Apprentice

            So it wouldn't be possible to use an existing process and have the normal fields populated from an email?


            Basically we are looking at having our emails going to a particular address being entered straight into a new incident and going to a saved state for us to then control what happens next.

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              From what we have been told, you need a unique process for each inbound e-mail address.

              It will be the same in 7.3, but 7.3 will support multiple out bound e-mail addresses.

              Also, they have told us that there has not been sufficent demand for a fix to multiple inbound addresses not requiring process. It seems illiogical to me that would be the case. As a result, they are going to stick to usig processes, but recomend that you might use the portal as a way around this.

              They have also informed us that there is insufficent demand from customers to support multiple outboound e-mail addresses in 7.2.x, which I am also not sure about it.

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                colinheinen Apprentice

                Ok so basically the easiest way round this would be to encourage the use of the Service Portal, which is a ongoing project for us at the moment.


                Any advice as per a chat client within LanDesk or is this an add-on that is offered or will i have to look for an external piece of software, any pointers?

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                  We are not looking to use a chat facility, so I am not aware of one.


                  As an aside, do you use AD to authernitcate against? If so, which server needs to be in the AD domain? Your IIS server, or all servers???

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                    Yes we have just come up with the 1 email per process issue ourselves. It's really annoying and the current method does not achieve the best outcomes. The only way around this is to use preconditions. Check the raise user details and assign the job accordingly.