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    Can Xtraction show the absolute values from a DB field


      Good Afternoon


      I have created a DB table that contains absolute values from a series of Count statements executed on our Landesk system along with the date / time these were run.


      I am trying to get Xtraction to display the values as displayed in the DB field against the date using a Line chart, but Xtraction populates the Live chart with a value of 1, presumably as there is a single entry with each date. Using Bubble under group component, i can report on the values in the DB, but the data needs to be in a line chart.


      I am utilising an Xtraction view "reports" for the initial proof of concept and building the tables into this view for the time being.

      There are around 5 series required to be displayed on a single line chart, to display the 5 values at a point in time from each day / month.


      Thanks in advance

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          GreggSmith SupportEmployee

          The default calculation is Count.  You need to change that.


          Let's say you have a table with 2 fields, ExecutionDate and Value.  Map those two fields into a new Xtraction view, with the Summary checkbox set for the Value field.


          Then, create a Time Component with the date range set on ExecutionDate and then the Summary set to Sum, Min, or Max of Value, as appropriate.